Saturday, September 19, 2015

Speak Like A Pirate Day

Today is "Speak Like a Pirate" Day and to get into the spirit I have selected a number of nautical sets and priced them at L$50 for the weekend. Arrr matey, a wonderful deal!!

You will also find a wide selection of packs ranging from raggedy dolls and halloween themed to sheep, zombies and for dads (not all are shown).

Stop in and see for yourself and while you are at it, don't forget to hit up the Midnight Mania Board for the "Midnight Garden Pack" , available to the first 50 slappers!

 You know, I think this post demonstrates why I hate blogging... I can never get the pictures to be where I want them!! argh!! On that note,Be happy, stay safe, be good to one another. Peace, MauveF

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

New CoLab!!

Here we go! A set of 2 hot out of the black cauldron, ready to be consumed with evil crackers  cackles as you plot against whatever forces have managed to get your panties in a knot today. Personally, nothing is worth knotted panties but I won't judge.

First up I offer to you a 15-pk of "Magical Ambience" ... candles and bats, do you dare resist?

The 2nd set is also a 15-pk and feature a witch stirring up some home brew while bats fly about... "Making Magic" will take your designs to the whimsical side of darkness in style. Each set is available at the insane CoLab price for the first 2 weeks after release, buy them before the price goes up!
For now, be happy, be safe, be good to one another.
Peace. Mauve

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

tap tap... is this thing on? still working?

Hard to believe that it has been nearly 2 years since my last update. Any of my loyal customers will agree that my activity here would be equal to the amount of textures I've created as well. So many reasons, and so little time. Please know that my creative self is rearing its vengeful self upon the design world again.... yes, the texture designer your mother warned you about...

With that, I uploaded 3 sets of textures perfect for Autumn this morning and I hope that you enjoy using them as much as I did in creating them. Each set has 12 textures with fall worthy patterns and bonus 2 alpha textures.

 I am currently working on the 131st CoLab and have some lovely wizardly templates that have been itching to get out of hd captivity. I
hope they enjoy the process which they are about to undergo.

<insert evil laugh>

For now, be happy, be safe, be good to one another.
Peace. Mauve.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Cold Weather Wear for Meli Imako's Puffy Coat !

Using my "Chilly Penguin" textures I created a set of custom textures for Meli Imako's Puffy Girls Winter Coat. Too Cute !

Like the textures but have other ideas in mind? You are in luck ! The following sets are now instore :)

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Finally here !

It has taken 4 days and 86 accidental uploads (*oops*) but the first sets of Meli Imako .png templates are inworld !

Check out my Emo Cat t-shirt templates created for use with Meli Imako's Child T-shirt and coordinating Emo Cat legging templates created for use with Meli Imako's Child Leggings. Meli's mesh is incredible to work with and I have a several more sets to upload in the coming days... until then, here are some pictures !

The biggest part of creating templates for me is ensuring that a wide variety of colours are available, that the colours are in tune with the design and the textures are realistic. You have all 3 with these sets and those yet to be uploaded !

Saturday, October 19, 2013

*tap*tap* is this thing on?....

This past week has been busy beyond belief and I am still not caught up. I do have lots to show however and hopefully it will be well recieved.... and I present "what I have done in the past 7-ish days"....

 Getting ready for the winter holiday season? How about some adorable gift bear, penguin or angel sweaters? These sweaters are by meshIT and are unisex in design. I should add that to the advertisement.... *sighs*

 Too early for Christmas? Possibly given we haven't had Halloween yet ! Thanksgiving here in Canada was a week ago, but for my American friends, these turkeys adorned sweaters are in 7 fabulously fall colours. As a bonus, i have included a texture changing skirt, gitch and alpha layer.
  Using some gorgeous new knits, I have created a pack of sexy sweaters... bare one shoulder, a little navel and a lot of leg, Rawr !

 Keeping up with the sexy design of meshIT's "Off-Shoulder Top" I have created a winter mitt patterned sweater. The fabrics are available in-store for co-oridinating designs!
 You are going to simply LOVE this lush knit in a variety of fall friendly colours !
for this round with CoLab Creator kits, I decided to keep it simply and basic with gorgeous knits and denims... the colours will see your designs not only during fall but throughout the year too!

Here are the "ladder knits" featured in the meshIT "Off-Shoulder Sweater". 

Over the next week, please tune back as I have some adorable pony textures in the works as well as more knits, Christmas and Winter themed and yes, probably more mesh textures as well.

Tune back often as I will be releasing work for other designers as well !! Until then, be good to one another. Peace.