Wednesday, September 16, 2015

New CoLab!!

Here we go! A set of 2 hot out of the black cauldron, ready to be consumed with evil crackers  cackles as you plot against whatever forces have managed to get your panties in a knot today. Personally, nothing is worth knotted panties but I won't judge.

First up I offer to you a 15-pk of "Magical Ambience" ... candles and bats, do you dare resist?

The 2nd set is also a 15-pk and feature a witch stirring up some home brew while bats fly about... "Making Magic" will take your designs to the whimsical side of darkness in style. Each set is available at the insane CoLab price for the first 2 weeks after release, buy them before the price goes up!
For now, be happy, be safe, be good to one another.
Peace. Mauve

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