Saturday, October 19, 2013

*tap*tap* is this thing on?....

This past week has been busy beyond belief and I am still not caught up. I do have lots to show however and hopefully it will be well recieved.... and I present "what I have done in the past 7-ish days"....

 Getting ready for the winter holiday season? How about some adorable gift bear, penguin or angel sweaters? These sweaters are by meshIT and are unisex in design. I should add that to the advertisement.... *sighs*

 Too early for Christmas? Possibly given we haven't had Halloween yet ! Thanksgiving here in Canada was a week ago, but for my American friends, these turkeys adorned sweaters are in 7 fabulously fall colours. As a bonus, i have included a texture changing skirt, gitch and alpha layer.
  Using some gorgeous new knits, I have created a pack of sexy sweaters... bare one shoulder, a little navel and a lot of leg, Rawr !

 Keeping up with the sexy design of meshIT's "Off-Shoulder Top" I have created a winter mitt patterned sweater. The fabrics are available in-store for co-oridinating designs!
 You are going to simply LOVE this lush knit in a variety of fall friendly colours !
for this round with CoLab Creator kits, I decided to keep it simply and basic with gorgeous knits and denims... the colours will see your designs not only during fall but throughout the year too!

Here are the "ladder knits" featured in the meshIT "Off-Shoulder Sweater". 

Over the next week, please tune back as I have some adorable pony textures in the works as well as more knits, Christmas and Winter themed and yes, probably more mesh textures as well.

Tune back often as I will be releasing work for other designers as well !! Until then, be good to one another. Peace. 

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