Monday, July 29, 2013

The Slum Lord Appears

Well, it happened.

I honestly didn't mean it to. Really.

But it happened all the same.

I have good reasons though. Yeah, yeah, that's what all of the slum lords say. Well, hear me out, I moved. Not only did I move but I moved back to the city... as an empty nester. Need I say more? It takes time to lick the wounds of premature empty-nester-ness. If you haven't experienced the syndrome, it sucks. Then my dog got sick. Really sick. How sick? $1 400 and almost died sick. That sucked about as much as becoming an empty nester, simply because, unlike my cats... I know he likes me. He may even love me. Well, after spending $1 400, he better love me.

The most important thing is, I have been creating the entire time and lately have been on full-tilt creation mode. The texture gods are pleased. I present to you the following works recently placed out for sale. Trust me, there is more, far more... but you will need to come into the shop to see them.

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