Friday, November 23, 2012

Time Flies !!

I promised myself that I wouldn't become the slum-lord of blogs... and look what happened. There is a valid reason for the absence though... allow me to explain.... The day I had planned to update my blog was the exact same day that my beloved BigManu decided to return to Second Life after a near 2 year absence. After nearly crapping myself with happiness... well, I got sidetracked. I had missed him so much!

Then I had to contend with young son's "starting high school shenanigans" which was the segue to finding out my daughter was pregnant.... then a 6 month sick leave from work left me preoccupied on ... well...... being sick. The daughter had her son, I returned to work,bought a kayak, bought a siamese kitten, son moved to his assholian fathers house, moved into a full-time position contract... night shifts... which ultimately (and after more than 4 years of trying) has turned into a permanent position! yay me aaaand am currently looking for a new apartment as I am leaving this hell-hole of a community and returning to the city.  And so there we have it, why I was away and neglecting my blog for over a year. I wont try to post all of what I have created... pure insanity so how about a few pics of my latest and most favourite? Well, That is all for tonight, and I promise I will be back shortly with more updates!

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