Saturday, April 2, 2011

Greetings !

Well it has been a long time in the works... and a never-ending work in progress. I have come to truly appreciate the saying "not enough hours in the day". I do hope to post weekly with displays of my latest releases... so stay tuned !

For the week ending 2 April, here is a glimpse at what is new instore.... there are 8 kits in total priced at L$120. Available only in SecondLife at this time.

And now for something light and fun.... :)

These little guys were so much work to make but so worth the effort ! Aren't they adorable? I think the finishing touch was the action "Cross-Stitch" that I bought from Marble Circle. As I said to one person "so cute you could lick 'em". (I wonder how pixels taste?) Prices on the kits vary each kit has a different number of pieces.

I will be participating in a few hunts over the next couple of months... "Tonnes of Teddies" in the month of May,  (can you guess the theme?), rest assured, you will need insulin for my prize... it is A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E !!!, "Yeah Toast Hunt" (8 April - 8 May) and the prize will make you make you "Smile" (thats as much of a hint as to my prize that you are going to get !), "Dark Future Hunt" 15 May - 15 June. I haven't decided what I will make. but as I put on my application form "dark apocolyptic themed textures with a frilly feminine springtime feel". I love the interpretation of themes... it tends to lend itself to weeks of inspiration and lots of new inventory!

Thats all for now, be good to one another. Peace.

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